After your move, you’re bound to have dozens of moving boxes piled in your garage with no idea of what to do with them. Instead of immediately tossing them out, you should instead think about repurposing them. Below, are a few ideas on how to repurpose your moving boxes to avoid waste.

Talk to a Box Broker

Although it depends on where you reside, most cities have companies that buy and sell used moving boxes. You can easily sell your old moving boxes to them, just Google search box brokers in your area or contact local moving companies in your area.

List Them on BoxCycle

BoxCycle is a perfect platform to list old moving boxes for sale if you live in the United States. Based on the company’s reviews, they’re reputable and a highly recommended place to sell old boxes you no longer need.

Offer Them on U-Haul’s Forums

U-Haul has a forum specifically for people that are moving. You can use this to your advantage and sell or donate your old moving boxes to them. You can use the platform to sell or exchange packing supplies as well.

Sell Them on Craigslist

Although you can sell practically anything on Craigslist, it’s one of the best platforms to sell old moving boxes. Not to mention, it’s completely free to list and sell your items.

Ask Around

If you recently moved into a large apartment complex, you can ask your friends and neighbors if they need moving supplies, or if someone they know does. We also suggest placing fliers around your area letting people know you have moving supplies that you no longer need, just make sure you get a good offer!

Sign Up on NextDoor

NextDoor is a good platform for you to exchange and sell things like packing supplies and moving boxes. Plus, if you recently moved to a new home, the platform is the perfect tool to meet new people and find services you may need.

Usually, the best move for donating your old moving boxes is to contact local charities, including libraries, to see if they need any moving supplies. Although they probably won’t pay you for the supplies, you can feel good doing a good deed for local organizations in need.

Use Them for Compost

Believe it or not, some folks re-use their old cardboard moving boxes as compost bins. It’s suggested that, if you repurpose your moving boxes like this, you should keep the bin away from wildlife since it can endanger them. If you already have a compost bin, you can also compost your boxes. Simply cut them up into smaller pieces and place them in your bin. This method, however, will not work for everyone. If you cannot compost, we also recommend taking advantage of local recycling programs in your area as well.

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