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Let’s face it – no one likes moving, especially all those friends you were banking on to help you get moved. They’d honestly rather you keep your paltry pizza and beer bribe and hire a professional moving service. If you’re concerned about the cost of hiring moving professionals, you may be surprised at how affordable rates can be. At Cheap Movers Seattle, we pair you with local moving companies looking to fill excess capacity at discounted rates. So, you get great reliable service for less. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially your friends and family!

Cheap Movers Seattle is your #1 source for finding reliable, affordable moving services in the greater Seattle metro area. We serve the entire Seattle and Bellevue metropolitan area, including the neighborhoods and towns of Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Columbia City, Georgetown, West Seattle, Delridge, White Center, Allentown, Tukwila, Renton, Mercer Island, Medina, Yarrow Point, Crossroads, West Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Redmon, and Bainbridge Island.

The Cheap Movers Difference

How does Cheap Movers Seattle work our magic? It all starts by giving us your basic moving information, which can be done by submitting our easy online quote form or giving us a call. After submission, you’ll receive multiple quotes from our pre-qualified list of Seattle area movers. Simply choose the one that works best with your schedule and budget, and the search process is over. It’s that easy! We like to stress that the movers we connect you with are pre-qualified. To legally transport household goods, moving companies must be licensed and insured according to Washington state’s Department of Transportation regulations. Additionally, any mover completing long distance (out of state) moving services must be registered with the US Department of Transportation. Hiring a licensed and insured mover is crucial, because it protects you and your belongings in the event of loss or damage. When you hire through Cheap Movers, you can be assured that you are hiring and qualified and reputable moving company.

Services You Can Count On

In the Seattle area, we offer the following services to our valued moving customers:

Hire local movers at low-budget hourly rates to do all the packing, lifting, loading, driving, and unpacking for you.
Are you moving to Washington from another part of the country, or is your move taking you to a new state? If so, we have licensed interstate movers that can ease your transition.
One of the worst drags of moving is getting everything boxed up and loaded. If you’d rather leave this tedious task to the professionals, just give us a call!
If you need some extra hands loading/unloading a rented truck, storage unit, or a portable storage container, Cheap Movers can assist. Hire us by the hour to help you with the heavy lifting.
Not sure how many boxes you need or how much tape to purchase? Just ask! We’ll help you determine what supplies you need based on how big your place is.
Our team does both residential and commercial moves. So, whether you’re moving your apartment or office, we can assist!

To secure the lowest rates on Seattle moving services, contact us today for your FREE and easy quote!

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