If your business is growing due to high sales, new products, or an expanding team, it may be time to consider moving into a new office. Although this can be an expensive process, it gives your business new potential. Below we’ll examine things to keep in mind when it comes to making this decision.

First Things First

The most important thing to keep in mind when moving offices is to plan extensively before making the move. There are a lot of people that you need to plan with. Not just employees, but a moving company and online resources to move all technology as well. We’ll go over financial costs below, but keep these components in mind.

The IT Department

The IT Department is the most complicated part of the office to move because you’ll need to make sure the new office is ready to go. For example, make sure that the internet connection is set up in advance. For a company of thirty employees, it will cost between five and ten thousand dollars to move the IT Department alone. The good news is careful planning can ensure you don’t get ripped off. By communicating with your internet provider ahead of time, they’ll be able to give you a unique estimate and installation plan. For more details on the IT aspect of moving offices, click here. 

Moving Day Expenses

Just as you should get an estimate and plan from your IT provider, you should do the same from moving companies to find the best deals. There are movers that specialize in moving offices, so you should target these companies. Moving companies may up their prices due to stairs, distance, and the weight and size of the objects moved. Because of this, it’s best to target the companies that specialize in office relocation, and get accurate estimates beforehand. This allows you to set an accurate budget. For more information on this part of your move, contact Cheap Movers Seattle. We can help you secure quotes from multiple office moving companies in the greater Seattle area.

Hidden Costs

Keep in mind there are others costs with office relocation you may have not considered. For example, the cost of having your business closed during the move. There are also various legal fees, such as registration, that factor in as well. Lastly, you may have to hire junk removal if there are several items that aren’t part of the move. To prevent these last-minute costs, do thorough research before committing to the move to ensure all expenses are accounted for.

Office relocation is an exciting time. It is a sign of company success, and should ignite a new fire in employees and give new confidence to leaders. However, it is a costly decision, and thorough research, planning, and budgeting should be done to ensure there are no surprises during the process.

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