Making a move to a new city is challenging. You have all the logistics of moving the furniture and your personal belongings to deal with, plus a whole list of other things to accomplish – like setting up basic utility services your new home. If you’ve just moved to the city of Seattle, you will find that it’s not too difficult to get your water, electricity and other utilities going, as most of the services are contracted through the city of Seattle itself.

Water – Seattle Public Utilities

Residential water service in Seattle is provided by the city. The base rate for water is determined by the size of the pipe that services your residence. Most residences have a ¾-inch pipe.

To set up water service, the first thing that you need to do is obtain a current reading from your water meter. You need to do this within three days of moving in. You will need to go online and enter your personal information and pay a one-time set up fee. For additional assistance, call the Seattle Public Utilities office at (206) 684-3000.

Trash Collection – Seattle Public Utilities

Trash service is also provided by the city of Seattle. Seattle charges for garbage based on the can or cart size used. There is also a separate charge for food waste which requires a separate cart. The trash and food waste service can be set up at the same time as the water service.

Electric Service – Seattle City Lights

Electric service within the city of Seattle is provided by Seattle City Lights which is owned by the city. There is a fee required to begin service, and this charge will be included on your first bill.

Cable/Internet – Multiple Providers

There are three cable and Internet service providers in the city of Seattle. Comcast/Xfinity is the largest provider of service with approximately 150,000 customers. They provide service to the entire city except the Central District. Wave Broadband is the provider for the Central District and may expand service to other areas starting in 2018. CenturyLink is the other service provider of cable and Internet service. They serve customers in Seattle and the suburban areas.

Natural Gas – Puget Sound Energy

Natural Gas is provided by a private company called Puget Sound Energy. They also provide electricity for those who do not live inside of the Seattle city limits. It is easy to begin natural gas service with Puget Sound Energy. You can go directly to the company’s website and fill out all the necessary information online.

Telephone – CenturyLink

Landline telephones are quickly becoming a thing of the past. However, some people still want to have a landline phone, and you might be one of them. CenturyLink is the landline phone provider in Seattle. They offer several deals if you bundle landline with their other services.

Seattle makes if relatively easy to set up the basic utilities that you need. Signing up is quick and easy, so you will be able to start enjoying your new home right away.

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