Sitting on the eastern banks of Puget Sound, Everett gleams with culture and modesty. It may not be as prominent as Seattle, but it certainly enjoys a charm of its own. Visitors and locals alike flock to this Pacific Northwest city to enjoy its affordability, thriving arts scene, natural attractions, and panoramic views.

When moving to Everett, you can expect daily living to be both challenging and simple. Simple in a way that you don’t have to deal with the bustling found in big cities. At the same time, it’s challenging because of the lack of some amenities.

But since you’re here to learn about the good stuff, here are seven things you’ll love about Everett.

1. Cheap Living Costs

…If you know where to settle down. Take a look at housing. Obviously, homes in Downtown Everett have steep price tags. It’s where most of the action and fun occurs, after all. However, high home prices shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t mind living farther out and having a longer commute time. Additionally, the listings in the inner city are still low compared to Seattle’s. On the lower end of the range, you might be able to purchase a lovely single-family home for about $270,000. Rent is also pretty reasonable, with options ranging from $750 – $1400/month, depending on the apartment’s class and proximity. Other expenses such as utilities, gas, groceries, and healthcare are also lower than Seattles’ by at least 18%. Huge gap, right? These numbers alone should be enough to paint a smile on your face.

2. Boeing Has a Factory Here

Wait up. Why would you love having a factory around? Well, you don’t. Not unless it’s a multibillion-dollar company that builds at least 44% of the world’s airplanes. The Boeing factory in Everett is massive, and it’s the major employer bolstering the city’s economy. You might not have plans to work there, but it’s important to understand how essential this company is to the community. Even if you aren’t planning to work there, you can take a tour of the factory for educational purposes. Take a peek at how planes are made and learn how engineers design them. For a first-timer, it’ll definitely be a one-of-a-kind experience.

3. It’s an Outdoor Paradise

Like most small-town cities, Everett is graciously blessed with numerous wonderful attractions. And despite the urban sprawl, both the government and residents have been keen on preserving the area’s natural beauty. Living here, you’ll get to enjoy Howarth Park, Possession Sound’s waterfront, the Snohomish Mountains, hundreds of trails, and several wildlife sanctuaries.

4. There’s No Income Tax

No kidding! Out of the 50 states in the country, only nine don’t collect income tax, and Washington State is among those. That means big savings compared to living elsewhere! In addition to that, the average property tax rate of 0.93% is lower than the national average. Despite favorable income and property tax rates, it’s important to note that sales tax is on the high side at 9.8%. As a result, starting a business or even running one would be challenging.

5. It’s a Breeding Ground for Museums

You don’t have to be an art lover or a history enthusiast to appreciate museums. Even a simple exhibit can ignite curiosity in people’s minds. And Everett is filled with these institutions. Check out the Restoration Tours in the Museum of Flight, where you can ride (no taking-off, though!) replicas of old and modern aircraft. Imagine Children’s Museum also offers a unique learning experience with its fancy hands-on exhibits, while the Russel Day Gallery features classic and traditional art pieces. Nothing’s more fun than discovering new things during your day off!

6. People Friendly

Many would argue that the people in a community are more important than its amenities. In Everett, you can look forward to a friendly and welcoming community. Here, strangers greet each other on the streets, and neighbors look after each other. Chances are, you won’t feel alienated as a newcomer.

7. Getting Around is Pretty Easy

Seriously, it’s like a walk in the park. Most neighborhoods in Everett are arranged in grids. Getting from point A to point B should be a piece of cake! No need to worry about getting dizzy making your way through labyrinth-like streets. However, it can get a little bit confusing the first time, so make sure to have your google maps ready.

Moving to Everett

No matter how big or small, a move will always be tricky and stressful. So before packing your entire household, make sure you’ve entrusted the job to trusted professionals. Wishing you all the best. Everett is waiting for you!

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