Moving out-of-state can be difficult for anyone, but your kids may experience a particularly tough time with it. It often helps to talk about the anxiety that surrounds a big move, and books can help to get that conversation started. Get your kids excited about the adventures ahead with these great stories.

A House for Hermit Crab

By: Eric Carle

This light-hearted story follows a hermit crab as he outgrows shell after shell until he finally finds the perfect one. Children will learn that moving isn’t as scary as it seems, and that new places can be fun.

Little Critter: We Are Moving

By: Mercer Mayer

Many generations have grown up with the beloved Little Critter character, and this book follows the family as they prepare for a big move. Little Critter is very worried about moving and has many questions about everything from his new school to who his new neighbors will be. He eventually sees that his parents are excited and he becomes excited, too.

A Kiss Goodbye

By: Audrey Penn

Illustrated by: Barbara L. Gibson

Young readers will love this story about Chester Raccoon and how he learns to say goodbye to his old home. Chester has many sad feelings about leaving his old home, but he meets many new friends and eventually falls in love with his new home.

Big Ernie’s New Home: A Story for Children Who Are Moving

By: Teresa and Whitney Martin

This book follows a cat named Big Ernie as he and his owner, Henry, move to Arizona. Big Ernie struggles with many different emotions as he adjusts to the big and little changes that come along with his new home. He and Henry set out on many adventures together and they learn to adapt to their new surroundings together.

The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day

By: Stan and Jan Berenstain

The classic children’s book series tackles another stage in life when the family moves to a new tree house in this story. Brother Bear must learn to cope with the move and to trust that his parents are doing what is best for the family. After the family packs up and says their goodbyes, they discover that only good things await them at their new home.

My Very Exciting, Sorta Scary, Big Move: A Workbook for Children Moving to a New Home

By: Lori Attanasio Woodring, Ph.D.

Illustrated by: Timm Joy

This book is unique because it is also a workbook that kids can write and draw in. It was written by a child psychologist and helps kids step-by-step through the many feelings and emotions that come up when preparing for a big move. At the end of the story, kids even get a certificate of completion for their hard work.

All these books will go a long way in reassuring kids that a move can be exciting and that many thrilling adventures await them at their new home.  

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