Seattle is experiencing an economic upswing. Opportunities for career advancement make it the ideal city for professionals and young families who want to become residents of a progressive West Coast city on a long-term basis. The growth in Seattle’s economy offers millennials the opportunity to live in one of Seattle’s trendy neighborhoods close to the city’s business centers. Here are some of the best communities in Seattle for young professionals moving to the area:

Capitol Hill

A portion of Capitol Hill is where many Seattle founders built their spectacular mansions. However, on the west side of 15th Avenue are a cluster of apartments, bordered by a commercial area. On the east side of the street are a lot of single-family homes and streets that are child-friendly. Capitol Hill is famous for its live music, entertainment venues, and its locally and nationally owned coffeehouses.

Queen Anne

The Queen Anne District is popular with younger professionals. The area above Elliot Bay features elegant mansions, apartments, and single-family houses. Although Queen Anne is more expensive than some of Seattle’s other districts, it’s an excellent family neighborhood with trendy shops and bistros. Lower Queen Anne features a lot of apartments that are affordable, as well as restaurants and bars. Queen Anne also features family-friendly attractions including an IMAX Theater and Children’s Theater.


Belltown is one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals who dislike traffic or want to live in a neighborhood where they don’t need a car. The district is one of the best to walk in Seattle. Belltown also has an excellent public transportation system. The best features of Belltown include: 

  • Downtown Seattle location 
  • Entertainment and restaurant options
  • Pike’s Peak Market

Belltown has a lot of new residential complexes that are ideal for young professionals.


Although Interbay is between two areas that are more expensive, the homes in the district are affordable; especially for young professionals moving to Seattle. Most of the homes are multi-family houses. The area is urban so it isn’t a quiet, residential area, but there are a lot of nearby activities and excellent restaurants. West Dravus Street is the area for dining and shopping.


If you love the beach, Broadview is the neighborhood for you. Situated on the Puget Sound, the area features Tudor and Cape Cod-style homes, townhouses, and condos. Broadview is a short commute to the central business districts of Seattle by light rail or car. Restaurants, entertainment, and bars are in the neighborhood, which is close to the Northgate Shopping area. Residents love Carteek Park, the nearby hiking trails and beach, and the exceptional views of the Olympic Mountains.

Whether you’re searching for an old home to restore, a hilltop house with Puget Sound views, a single-family home, or a loft in the commercial district, Seattle neighborhoods are ideal for families and young professionals.

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