With the number of items you have to unpack in your bathroom and limited space available, there is the need for new ideas to create extra storage. While you may want to put everything in a single cabinet, you will always have a poorly organized bathroom. Below are creative ideas you can implement to create more space in your bathroom.

1. Add a Chest of Drawers

Cupboards are simple pieces for bathroom storage, but drawers work just as well if not better. If you have a small space between your bathroom fittings, you can make a sizable chest of drawers to fit the area. Drawers can store much more in an organized manner. Additionally, it’s more accessible to locate items since you can spread them out among multiple drawers. 

2. Install Floating Shelves

A small bathroom may not provide enough floor space for cabinets and drawers. If that’s the case, you can utilize an open wall by installing floating shelves. They provide extra storage space without losing floor space. With just a few of them, you can neatly organize your towels and other toiletries.

3. Add Baskets

If you are thinking of ways to utilize your bathroom countertops, baskets could be what you need. You can get a set of baskets which you can stack together to save space. They are suitable for storing towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom items. For better cleaning and maintenance, purchase waterproof baskets. Alternatively, you can choose woven baskets which last for an extended period.

4. Use a Pullout Pantry

Just as in your kitchen, a pullout pantry works well in a bathroom. You can place one at the edge of your tub for extra storage space. If space doesn’t allow opening doors, you can affix a sliding door or leave it open for easier access.

5. Utilize the Area Under the Sink

Space under the sink can add a little more storage for your bathroom. Although the plumbing fixtures take up some space, you can cover the area by installing drawers or cabinets. The area under the sink is best for shower soaps and other cleaning agents. If you add drawers, you can store extra towels and bathrobes.

6. Use Portable Accessories

With a tiny bathroom, you can make use of open spaces, including the back of your door. Removable hangers and hooks work best for bath towels. Similarly, you can get a detachable caddy for your tub. It is stable enough to hold items in place as you bathe. These accessories can be folded after use to a compact size for better storage.

Any empty corner of your bathroom could be used to create more storage space. You can add shelves, cabinets or drawers to accommodate your items. Additionally, you could utilize already existing storage by adding baskets for better organization. Whichever way you feel is suitable, choose elements that balance your bathroom both in style and color. 

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